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Jason Thornberry
Location: Orange County, California
Email: jthornberry(at)2walls.com

Bio: Jason Thornberry was once written off as a vegetable. He was seriously injured, requiring several months of hospitalization, two-dozen casts, numerous medical procedures and over a year of intensive therapy before he could re-enter the "civilized" world.

Jason had played in bands for years, and did a festival gig with, a then unknown, Eminem, as well as Cypress Hill, Pennywise and Blink-182. His band then was just about to release their debut album and begin touring.

The day the album came out Jason was in intensive care after being beaten by two gang members. He was in a coma for some time, while his assailants went free on a technicality.

Four months later he was released in a wheelchair. Less than a year later he was walking again, and started writing again, as he'd been done since he was a child. He would continue to see several therapists for a year, having lost the ability to speak, eat, or use the left side of his body after the assault.

Jason's style – a mixture of technical musical knowledge, wit, sarcasm, open-mindedness, and an often quirky sense of humor – is seen in magazines around the world, and it's only a matter of time until he's reached the notoriety he nearly gave his life looking for.


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